Why should I use trusted-doctor.com?

Trusted-Doctor.com is the world's #1 place for finding trusted.. Read More>

Steps to join trusted-doctor.com

If you have an invitation code, go to the website.. Read More>

Is the service free?

Yes, we are 100% free – no advertisements, no selling .. Read More>

How does "appointments" work?

Managing appointments was never so easy task.. Read More>

How does “telehealth(online) appointment” work?

Trusted-doctor.com provides many ways in which doctor.. Read More>

How does second opinion(online) works?

Find doctor who provides second opinion and make payment.. Read More>

What is office notes?

Office notes is a fantastic service to help you organize all your.. Read More>

Do you have something for patient education?

Yes, we have a comprehensive library of video links.. Read More>

How can TD control access to the information within their office?

TD’s can manage access easily from their company profile.. Read More>

How can I invite my staff or other doctors to my office?

Go to the company profile page and as an admin, you have.. Read More>

Why are trusted-doctor’s review’s best for doctor and patients?

Patients can give review their experience with a trusted-doctor using.. Read More>

How can I increase my trusted-doctor score?

Scores are calculated daily & there are a lot of ways you can improve.. Read More>

What is the in-office messenger?

When the staff is reviewing patient videos or inventory and they want.. Read More>

How do I tell people that I am a trusted-doctor?

Go to the “My Profile” page, complete all the information. You can.. Read More>

How secure is my data?

We encrypt all data to military-grade security and only you have.. Read More>

Who are “Highly Rated Doctors”?

These doctors are the best of the best. Every doctor is measured on.. Read More>

How do I redeem trusted-doctor points for amazon gift card?

You can redeem your trusted-doctors points anytime your balance.. Read More>

How can doctors provide consultation to patients worldwide and earn more?

Trusted-doctors.com .. Read More>

Why do doctors need an invitation code to join?

There is a lot of fake information on the web. At trusted-doctor.. Read More>

Can you help me with inventory management?

The good news is – you’re not alone. Having the right products.. Read More>

Do I have an account already?

Fastest way to find out is login as a patient and do a search on yourself.. Read More>

How trusted-doctor started ?

Trusted doctor (trusted-doctor.com) is a California; the USA.. Read More>