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Trusted-Doctor.com is the world's #1 place for finding trusted doctors. Every doctor is manually verified extensively, and only top doctors get the TD seal of trust.
Our world would be a nice place if people can have access to good doctors & with trusted-doctor.com, our mission is to empower doctors who are doing good for humanity.

Becoming a trusted-doctor come with a lot of benefits:

  • They have a trusted seal of trust to show the world that they are a top elite doctor
  • They get tools like Office notes, in-office WhatsApp secure messenger to help run the office more efficiently
  • They communicate with their peers using E-Referrals, saving them time and money
  • Their patients love to take appointments from them using smart appointment tools.
  • They have access to a comprehensive education video library to help their patients make informed decisions.

Medical community

We "do not" sell doctors or patient information.

Many websites make money from doctors and use "Sponsored," "Featured," "Stars" to show these doctors on top. This is practically cheating the trust of patients. At Trusted-Doctor, money "does not" buy a higher rating.

We are 100% free – no advertisements, no selling your data. Our team is comprised of medical/dental professionals who want to give back to the community. We are being funded by a 501c (3) non-profit organization.

Trusted-doctor is to empower medical providers to help optimize office operations and focus on patient care. Our mission statement is to keep the rising level of respect for the patient and reduce the cost of running the office for trusted-doctors.

Best doctor

join steps
  1. If you have an invitation code, go to https://www.trusted-doctor.com/login/signup.html , enter code. It's that easy :-)

    If you don't have an invitation code, go to https://www.trusted-doctor.com/login/signup.html , enter the details and upload the documents.

  2. Trusted-doctor.com manually validates the doctor's credentials within three days.
  3. The doctor would get an invitation code to signup on trusted-doctor.com.
  4. The doctor can then add staff members / other doctors working in their office.
  5. If you are an owner doctor, sign up as a new doctor.
  6. If you are an associate doctor, you can either join your main office company or join an independent group.
    The best thing is your reviews stay with you even if you move to any other practice in the future.
  7. If you are office staff, kindly get the invitation code from your main doctor or office admin.
Yes, we are 100% free – no advertisements, no selling your data. Our team is comprised of medical/dental professionals who want to give back to the community. We are being funded by a 501c (3) non-profit organization

Managing appointments was never so easy !!!

All trusted-doctors have web-appointment service. You can click on their profile and propose time when you want the appointment. If trusted-doctors can see you at those times, then they can confirm the appointment and both of you would get a confirmation email. If trusted-doctor are not available at those times, they can propose a time to you and you can see if those time work for you
Manage appointments
Embed appointment link

Trusted-doctor.com provides many ways in which patients and doctors can connect.

You can create your free account at any of the services like Cisco Webex or Zoom

Below are steps of getting your meeting link:

set up telehealth

Sign-up for a free Cisco webex account and copy the meeting link as shown below.

Copy this link in your trusted-doctor.com profile and you are all set

set up telehealth

set up telehealth

set up telehealth

    1. Click on “Find Trusted doctor”


    2. Click on below to find out doctors who accept telehealth

    3. Request for an appointment, Select the online appointment option


    4. Once appointment time is agreed, both doctor and patient would see telehealth icon in appointment


    5. Doctor would start the meeting by clicking on above link on the day/time of appointment

    6. To ensure privacy, doctor would click on “Admit” allowing patient to join the meeting


    7. Doctor / Patient would be able to meet and talk using meeting as shown below


  1. Find doctor who provides second opinion
  2. Make payment
  3. Upload and share documents
  4. Ask a question
  5. Get doctor opinion
Office notes is a fantastic service to help you organize all your documents, phone numbers, address into one easy to find the page. Think it as your google for your office

Office notes

Yes, we have a comprehensive library of video links, which you can show to your patients.

Suppose a patient comes for root canal treatment, you can show them the video on “Why” they need a root canal, “how” is the treatment done and once they are done, you even show “aftercare” video on what to expect after the treatment

Patient education library can be fully personalized for your practice, You have full access to add or remove content

In addition, it is very easy to find videos; you can do a simple search in patient education as shown below

Patient Education

TD’s can manage access level easily from their company profile page
    1. Admin + Trusted Doctor: If you are an “office manager” and “doctor”

    2. Admin: If you are an office manager and ‘not’ a doctor

    3. Trusted-Doctor: Doctor working in your office

    4. Office Staff: People who work in your office apart from managers and doctors

    5. General Purpose User: An account which is not for a specific person and can be used by anyone in the office

Office staff Trusted doctor Admin Admin + Trusted doctor
Appointments Approve / Reject appointments
Teleheath appointments
Secure Share Securely share documents with patients or other doctors
Second opinion Review second opinion requests
Provide second opinion
Office notes Search office notes
Create new / Edit / Delete office notes
Refer Create / Review patient referrals
Patient Education Show patient education video's and add more videos
Support - Office settings Add/Remove people from office team
Change role of people in office team
Define who get's inter-office messages
Support - User settings Edit doctor profile
Edit user profile
Support - Cloud backup Review backup data for past 1 year
Support - Review management Approve / Reject reviews
Support - Covid19 form Review patient information in covid-19 form
Go to the company profile page and as an admin, you have full access to invite other staff members/doctors. If people are moving away from your office, you can remove them from your company profile page
Patients can give review their experience with a trusted-doctor using the icons below.

like dislike

Doctors and patients have the right to agree/disagree with reviews.

Smart Reviews system for Doctors and Patients:


  1. Valid Credentials: Doctor has a valid degree and no pending complaints against them
  2. Reviews: What do patients think about doctor
  3. Patient-Centric: Are doctor/staff helping patients make an informed decision
  4. Impact: How many people in the community are seeking help from a trusted doctor
  5. Peer standing: How does doctor compare to similar doctors in the area
  • Doctors have 100% transparency into how they can improve their scores in each area
  • Doctors & Patients would have a chance to discuss negative reviews and remove them if both patient & doctor agrees
  • Doctor score would be computed daily to ensure you have the latest information

Non Profit

Scores are calculated daily & there are a lot of ways you can improve score:

  1. Send us a copy of your license. If your license is in good standing, you get a head start
  2. Give appointments to your patients at the earliest.
  3. Honor your appointment times and avoid last-minute cancellations
  4. Give excellent service to your patients. Their reviews would help your score.
  5. There are many tools in the trusted-doctor website. The more you use them to help you and your patients, the more your score goes up
  6. The more other doctors refer to you OR more you refer to other doctors
  7. Complete your user profile so that your patients know more about you

It's that easy. We want the world to recognize good doctors.

When the staff is reviewing patient videos or inventory and they want to send message to office admins, there is an option to send messages securely – think of it’s like in-office WhatsApp

This feature is super useful when communicating with staff in the office or even if you are remote, you can communicate with ease

Go to the “My Profile” page, complete all the information. You can see a public profile option, you can choose your public profile id, and then simply click on icons for Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn This can help you increase awareness to your followers that you are a trusted-doctor. People can click on those postings to take an appointment from you.

We would do all SEO and marketing for you to ensure that trusted-doctor is on top in sites like Google / Bing / Yahoo etc

Public Profile

  • We encrypt all data to military-grade security.
  • Only you have access to your data.
  • We authenticate you using Google or Facebook. This ensures that we never have access to your password.
  • We aim to be more than just being HIPAA compliant and your data is not visible to anyone
  • Our server use SSL (Secure Socket Layers) and public key infrastructure that uses the RSA method of encryption and authentication via security certificates. It helps to establish a secure connection between the client and the server through the secure protocol HTTPS.

Best doctor

These doctors are the best of the best. Every doctor is measured on how real patients are satisfied, how many patients they see, whether their licenses are validated or not and so on. Every day our Artificial Intelligence algorithms generate a score for doctors, and the doctor with the highest score in that zip code is "Highly Rated Doctor"

You can redeem your trusted-doctors points anytime your balance reaches more than 1000 points. Every 1000 point is equivalent to $10 in amazon gift card. Points don't expire. You can see your points balance in top of the page

Amazon.com Gift Card in a Black Gift Box ("A" Smile Card Design)

There is a lot of fake information on the web. At trusted-doctor, we validate doctors “manually” one doctor at a time to ensure everyone is real and ready to serve the community
FAQ by Doctors

The good news is – you’re not alone. Having the right products at just the right time is a challenge all doctors face.

When medical offices have too much supply, cash flow is diminished, storage space runs out and materials with expiration dates are wasted.

Likewise, medical offices that are undersupplied are unable to perform certain procedures, incur greater costs for unexpected ordering, and shipping and productivity decreases.

At Trusted-Doctor, we are working on a state of art Artificial intelligence algorithms, which can help you keep a tab of where are things in your office. Here is a quick screenshot

Inventory Management

Fastest way to find out is login as a patient and do a search on yourself either by name or zip code.

If you don’t remember your login email, contact us using email provided at bottom of the page.

Trusted doctor (trusted-doctor.com) is a California; the USA based Artificial Intelligence company that is developing creative solutions to empower Dentists, Chiropractors, Optometrists, and other doctors worldwide.

We excel in cloud collaboration, web-appointments, patient education, and most importantly, in bringing trust and confidence for both doctors and patients. To be a trusted doctor, they need to have good references and work history. Every doctor's credentials are manually verified before they are allowed to be part of the trusted-doctor ecosystem.

Additionally, one of the immense pain for doctors is "patient review websites." Many companies are doing it; however, those companies tend to be biassed towards advertising on their platform. This has caused frustration for many great doctors who are good. However, they are penalized directly or indirectly by "patient review websites" since they don't pay. Trusted-doctor.com "would not" and "shall not" take any money "in any form" to promote any doctor or show them as sponsored results on top.

All the doctors would be ranked without bias based on reviews from patients and the value the trusted doctor provides to the community. The company is building advanced data science AI algorithms to make sure the system remains honest and transparent.

Every trusted-doctor gets their personalized profile page; this helps doctors get high visibility on the internet and other websites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, etc.

Trusted-doctor.com helps patients get a second opinion, and their primary doctors can refer them to other trusted doctors. This way, patients can have peace of mind. Think about it, a patient in India or China can get a second opinion on their medical condition from a doctor in the USA or Europe.

To ensure success for this noble mission, the company is supported by a 501c(3) non-profit. This ensures that both doctors and patients can get excellent services. Anyone willing to join or be listed on the trusted-doctor website can send an email to contact@trusted-doctor.com.

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